It’s your first date and you’re a bit nervous. Maybe you met this lucky someone online and this is your first in person encounter or perhaps it’s a friend and this is your first official step into new unchartered waters. You have enough to worry about with what to wear and what to order, here are some tips to make your night a bit more relaxing and fun.

Splitting The Bill
How to split the bill always becomes an issue on dates, even after the first date. For the most part, the guy is going to feel obligated to pay for the bill and it’s up to the girls as to what impression you want to make. Ladies, you have five choices 1) Offer to split the bill but let the guy pay for it if he objects. 2) Offer to split the bill and actually split the bill. 3) Let the guy pay for dinner or drinks and suggest you will treat for dessert or the next round of drinks. 4) Let the guy pay for the bill and don’t offer a thing. 5) You pay the whole bill. In the end, the choice is up to you ladies. If you see this first date turning into many more dates, then definitely offer to pay your part. If you plan on never seeing this fellow again, then you can let him pay for the bill if you want or you can at least offer. Just remember, if you do offer to split the bill the guy just might take you up on it and don’t be shocked – we are all just trying to afford living in New York City after all. 

For goodness sake, put away your phone and listen to your date talk. You can go back to texting your friends as soon as the date is over. If the evening really isn’t what you were expecting, excuse yourself to the restroom, text and call away to complain to friends, then go back to your date and be polite and respectful. If you’ve been talking to someone long enough to set up a date then you owe them the common courtesy of not texting for the course of a few hours of your evening. 

Dinner vs. Drinks
It’s your first date and you can’t decide if you should go out for dinner or for drinks. There are pros and cons to both of these routes and even other more creative options. 
Drink Pros: More casual than a formal dinner and a drink can help ease the nerves. 
Drink Cons: Your date might think you’re cheap by suggesting drinks over dinner and you don’t have a great next phase of the date besides more drinks. 
Dinner Pros: After impressing your date with your culinary selection, you can then suggest drinks if the evening is going well. 
Dinner Cons: Staring across from your date at a formal restaurant on a first encounter can be nerve-racking so restaurant selection is important. This can also be a pricey option for the first date.
Don’t limit yourself to dinner or drinks though, there are plenty of great first date activities such as a walk on the High Line, watching an improv show or even going to a museum. Activity dates take even more pressure off the conversation since the museum of show will give you both something to talk about.

First dates can be tough, but they can also be amazing. Getting to know someone for the first time is a really exciting experience. Good luck and hopefully date #2 is even better than the first!

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