New Yorkers love a good costume party and this month The 20s Club is hosting two! First, The 20s Club is partnering with The Festivist Productions, who specialize in themed parties, for a Royal Baby Shower themed party in honor of Prince William & Catherine Middleton's new baby. The 20s Club & Festivist Productions will be taking over The Churchill Tavern for an evening of seersuckers and floral prints. Later in the month The 20s Club will be attending Chelsea Clearview Cinema's midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The wacky experience is even more fun when the audience dresses to impress as well. The upcoming 20s Club events aren't the only themed parties this summer in New York - with BBQs, concerts, pool parties and a jam packed social calendar this summer, you'll need to know the best way to find a costume that will make you stand out.

Channel your inner Mackelmore and go thrift shopping for an affordable outfit that no one else will have. Hitting your local Goodwill or Housing Works will be an easy way to find the right outfit. If you want more of a selection, check out different neighborhoods with a variety of thrift shops. East Village and Williamsburg are packed with thrift stores.  If you're in East Village, check No Relation Vintage and in Williamsburg try Beacon's Closet. These two stores are always a safe bet as they are overflowing with sequins, florals, metallic and any costume or accessory you could imagine. 

When thrifting for a costume, it's a good idea to research ideas online before hitting the stores to prevent an overwhelming shopping experience. If you're going to a 70s themed party and know you want to find bell bottoms, disco print, go-go boots and other funky items, you'll have an idea of what you are looking for when you're searching through racks of clothing. 

Costume Rental

An alternative to buying a costume is to rent one from a costume store. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing a costume you can show up to an event in a picture perfect outfit. Check out some of the best costume rental shops in NYC such as Creative Costume CompanyFrankie Steinz Costumes & Abracadabra. Renting a costume will most likely end up costing you more than a thrifted outfit, but if you’re looking to win a costume contest and make a statement, rental is a great way to go.


An even cheaper way of dressing for a costume party is to borrow from friends or family. In every friendship group there is always that guy or girl who has a costume box of random glasses and scarves he/she could never part with. Give your costume-enthusiast friend a call and see if there is anything you can borrow before you go out shopping. Be sure to treat these borrowed items carefully since they aren’t your own and always offer to give a treat in exchange for the loan.

Can't wait to see you at an upcoming 20s Club event decked out in an amazing costume! If you need some costume inspiration, check out the pictures from past 20s Club events.

Miraya Berke
Founder of The 20s Club
Writer for Uprooted & Relentless 
Entertaining your friends can get pricey and as fun as it is to host a party and then pass out in your bed at the end of the night, the total cost can be very daunting. Summer is the pinnacle of parties and if you have some party ideas in mind, take a read with some tips to keep your budget low. 
  • You don't have to be a master chef or baker to feed your guests tasty food. Grab some cookies from Trader Joes, fresh fruit and maybe some cheese and crackers and your set.
  • Presentation is everything. Take a trip to TJ Maxx or Goodwill to stock up on affordable bowls and plates to display the snacks. Create your own three tiered cake stand by topping three plates and two mugs on top of each other. Stack on the treats for an easy and delicious snack table.

  • Substitute soda and tonic water with fruit juices and fresh cut fruit for fancy drink mix-ins that will wow your guests and make the alcohol last longer. Sipping out of straws is another way to pace drink consumption, so place a cup of straws next to the drinks.
  • In the invitation to your party politely as your friends to bring drinks to share. Really, you can't be held accountable for funding all your guests' drinking habits!

  • Well selected decorations are the perfect way to make your party stand out. Take cheap and typical party decorations such as streamers and balloons and do something out of the ordinary - like creating a photobooth out of streamers taped on a wall. Blow up balloons without helium and tape them around your apartment for funky and memorable decorations. 
  • Flowers always brighten up a room because they add a pop of color and a heavenly scent. Buy fresh flowers, arrange them in vases and strategically place them around your home for effortless decoration.

  • Music can set the tone to a party, so a good playlist is crucial. Sign up for Spotify Premium or download the free trial to create a great playlist with no commercials. Start the playlist a few days before the party and invite your friends to add music to the playlist through a shared Spotify playlist.
  • Get speakers to blast music so everyone at your party can hear, no matter how big or small your apartment is.

Miraya Berke
Founder of The 20s Club
Writer for Uprooted & Relentless @20sClub Founded by Miraya Berke 2012.