If I've learned a thing or two from the countless interviews I've been on, it's that an interview is as much about you interviewing the company as it is about the company interviewing you. On paper a company and a position may sound like a dream, but in actuality they may not. Just like with dating, you don't want to end up with someone that you like more than they like you, or the other way around. In dating and in finding a job, there needs to be mutual interest for a happy relationship to thrive. You want to be wanted and you deserve to work for someone who can't wait for you to start your first day. Until you find that happy fit, just remember, landing the right job isn't about nailing an interview or a picture perfect cover letter, it's about the right fit. Just like true love (not that I know yet, but from what I hear) once you find the dream job, you'll know because the good one and the right one isn't going to let you get away!

It's also important to remember that if you don't get a job it isn't because you're not intelligent, passionate and experienced (because you are), it's just because you aren't the best fit for that particular job. Also, even if you get an offer, as tempting as it may be to take the new job because it's there, if it's a poor fit then it is not going to be a lasting relationship. It's better to stick it out at your current job until you can transition into a new opportunity that you see yourself growing with. Whether you're at your first job out of college or already have a few years of experience under your belt, job transitions and interviewing are going to be a regular occurrence in your life and it's important to find that right fit. Going on interview after interview without getting a job offer can be discouraging, trust me I know. But your patience and perseverance will pay off.

Miraya Berke
Founder of The 20s Club
Writer for Uprooted & Relentless 

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